API workshop - in English…

Challenges and questions

Let’s put this material into practice!

How could you organization utalize external apis? What data och systems in your organization would it make sense to make available through APIs? If you add functionality; do you then update the version? “ It depends “

Is there any product or service that you provide, that could be profitable/ give better customer service.. if you serve an API?

If you’re in a workshop with people next to you:
Ask neighbour; What do you do? Give each other ideas from an outside perspective on how an API might be relevant for an outsider.

  • http://talks.kinlane.com/apistrat/austin/the-api-lifecycle-workshop.html#/21
  • http://talks.kinlane.com/api-days-mediterranea/business-of-apis/#/26

Vem ligger bakom denna kurs?

Victoria Wagman som har arbetat som lärare i webbutveckling, och idag arbetar som programmerare hos 46elks.

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